A leading real estate agent in San Francisco shares his views on property tax in the Bay Area

44+ years ago, the state of California passed Proposition 13. The law states that property taxes would remain the same even if the value of properties around the home increased and increased significantly.

Fast forward to April 2021. Proposition 19 means a homeowner can take their same low property taxes with them when they move to a new or larger property.

For a home buyer, this is an incredible gesture.

Property taxes in San Francisco are among the highest in all of California. Prop 13 and 19 are ideal for anyone looking to find a new home in the Bay Area. For those people, there’s a real estate agency in San Francisco to consider – Vivre Real Estate and Danielle Lazier.

Lazier was a real estate agent working in San Francisco, California. She pays close attention to property values ​​and taxes throughout the city. People looking for a new home may find they can afford more home than they thought due to the benefits of Propositions 13 and 19.

Lazier and the rest of his realtors serving San Francisco know most of the property tax values ​​and costs in the city. With this knowledge, they can help buyers find their dream home.

Lazier and Vivre Realty are always ready and willing to assist any new seller or buyer in the San Francisco area. Lazier’s expertise and understanding of the area means the homes move and move well.

More information, including available properties, is on the website. Visit http://vivrerealestate.com for more details.

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