Accommodation scam: Lagos estate agent accused of defrauding runaway client of N300,000

March 2, Wumi, a Lagos-based seamstress, caught up with Shola Jagun, managing director of Pizzle Properties. The visit was to help secure an apartment after being introduced to the estate agent by a friend. So her expectation was simple, she told ICIR.

She believed that if Jagun, the real estate agent, could help her find an apartment in a strategic location in Lagos, it would help her business grow steadily. Thus, improving his livelihood.

However, what should be a life changing step turned out to be what she described as an agonizing experience. She got scammed.


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Jagun, the estate agent she consulted to help secure the apartment, allegedly conspired with a certain Femi Fadipe, a caretaker, to scam her out of N300,000 down payment.

Three months later, Wumi still hasn’t gotten housing. Her previous rent had expired in January and she is now homeless.

Recurring reality

In a quest to secure accommodation, unsuspecting Nigerians have fallen prey to bogus (house) estate agents and dodgy real estate companies.

Wumi has been solely responsible for meeting her needs and those of her siblings since her father’s death. An unemployed college graduate, she decided to go into fabric design to make ends meet.

On March 2, Seyi, Wumi’s friend, arranged a meeting between the parties concerned. And after resolving her choice of accommodation in a business-friendly area of ​​Lagos, Jagun introduced her to Femi, a caretaker whose agent assured her of his sincerity, giving testimonials of the various successful deals they have had. had in the past.

He claimed that “they have been doing business for a long time,” Wunmi said.

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Shortly after, Wumi received a call from Jagun announcing an available apartment in the Gbagada area of ​​Lagos.

The total rent cost was N480,000. She agreed to advance the payment of N300,000 while paying the remaining N180,000 after two weeks when the current occupant of the apartment would have moved out, and then she moves in.

“I met Femi, the caretaker, on March 3. I made the first payment on the same day,” Wumi said.

Sola JagunAgent Femi Matthew Fadipe (goalkeeper)

On March 3, Wumi was called to inspect the apartment which matches her specifications somewhere in Charly boy neighborhood, Gbagada, Lagos.

Upon arrival, she was unable to enter the apartment to check inside, claiming that the current occupant was out of town and had locked the apartment. It was his first and only meeting with Fadipe, the goalkeeper.

In desperation, she eventually withdrew all of her savings and sought financial support from friends and relatives to pay the rent.

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Wumi paid 150,000 naira into the sterling bank account (008199…) of Femi Matthew Fadipe, said goalkeeper. It was March 3. Due to the daily transaction limit, she made the payment twice. The following day, March 4, she paid an additional N150,000 to complete the advance payment of N300,000.

“Jagun took me to Femi. He vouched for him, saying I could pay Femi because they have been in business for a long time,” she said.

“Femi told me that the occupant of the apartment would move out within two weeks. So I transferred N150,000 to Femi on March 3 and another N150,000 on March 4, respectively. That is a total of 300,000 naira.

First transaction receipt Second transaction receipt

Two weeks after the payments, both Femi lines were cut. Wumi contacted Jagun to inform him of the new development, but she encountered the same story of the unavailability of Fadipe’s lines.

On April 30, Wumi finally managed to reach Fadipe. She threatened him, after which he promised to refund her money. He gave no reason why she would not move into the apartment again or why his lines were inaccessible.

Wumi would later find out that Fadipe had raised money from several people under the guise of helping to get an apartment.

She said: ‘And it was confirmed to me at Pedro Police Station in Charly Boy, Lagos State where they referred to him as a ‘regular customer,’ she said.

“I don’t want the apartment anymore. He should pay me back and let me go. It has affected my mental health and I can’t even concentrate on my work. My customers complain bitterly,” Wumi said. CIRI in the midst of tears.

On May 5, when CIRI reached out to Jagun, he claimed he could not reach Fadipe, the caretaker he had introduced to the victim.

“I am not happy with the state of things. I tried to reach Femi Fadipe on different occasions but my efforts were unproductive,” he said. “The last time we traced his location he was in Ekiti, but after that we couldn’t reach him. I even went to his church to look for him, but his pastor said he was out of town.

CIRI made efforts to reach Fadipe by making several calls to him but his lines were cut. Jagun later said he had a new number Fadipe could be reached on, but he refused to share it.

Meanwhile, according to reports from Wunmi and Jagun, the police have received various complaints against Fadipe for his fraudulent activities to secure housing for people. But Jagun, the real estate agent, continued to exonerate himself from the fraud.

“I wish I had the money to settle Wumi’s case, but I don’t have any. Wumi is not the only victim. There is another guy from whom Fadipe collected 4 million naira,” Jagun told this reporter. “When we went to report to the police station, they said it was not the first time that Fadipe would be reported to them.”

On April 30, Fadipe promised to refund the money during a chat, it’s been over a month since and he hasn’t made the refund yet. At the time of filing this report, Fadipe’s numbers remained off.

Wumi’s conversation with Femi Matthew Fadipe

“I’ve never heard of such a case, but I just spoke to the DPO at Pedro Police Station. It would pick up from there,” Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer SP Benjamin Hundeyin said when this CIRI contacted him in a telephone conversation.

“I have just spoken with the DPD in charge of the reported station and he said he was unaware of any such report or incident. However, he asked the victim to reach out to him. Let -do them and I am sure they will get justice,” he said. CIRI.

Penny D. Jackson