Bobby Valentine releases statement on property tax assessments

STAMFORD, CT — According to the CT Post, Bobby Valentine, the unaffiliated candidate for mayor of Stamford, has been embroiled in a legal battle since 2020 with the city over property taxes on his North Stamford home. On Friday morning, the Valentine’s Day campaign issued a response in a press release.

The CT Post reported Friday morning that the Valentine’s Wynnewood Lane home, which was built in 1995 and spans 5,794 square feet, has been assessed by the city at $1,479,230. It was valued at 1,035,460. The Valentine’s Day tax bill for 2019 was around $26,000.

Valentine appealed the assessment to the Stamford Board of Assessment Appeals. When it was dismissed, he decided to take the case to the Superior Court.

The CT Post said that according to the lawsuit filed against the city in June 2020, which can be viewed on the Connecticut Judicial Branch website, Valentine said the appraisal “exceeded the percentage of its true and actual value at the valuation date and the valuation was manifestly excessive, disproportionate and unlawful.”

Valentine could earn “a few thousand dollars,” the CT Post reported. The amount would be applied to future tax bills. According to city website records, Valentin is up to date on his property taxes.

Valentine’s campaign said in the broader press release that Valentine “has exercised her right to appeal the assessment in 2020.”

In addition to making it easier for residents to appeal, Valentine said he would make it a priority “to address Hartford’s lack of financial support.”

“Despite the best efforts of our State Representatives and Senators, Stamford receives significantly less than other cities with similar demographics, which unfairly impacts our landlords,” the campaign said in the press release. “The State of Connecticut provided approximately $15 million in education cost-sharing grants to Stamford in the most recent year, almost the same as it provided to the town of Killingly. Yet, Stamford has as many students as Killingly has people. The system is broken, and the politicians are making it worse.”

The campaign went on to say that State Rep. Caroline Simmons, the Democratic candidate for mayor of Stamford, stopped paying her motor vehicle taxes in Stamford in 2019, according to city records.

“She continues to pay property tax on the two homes her family owns on Lakeview Drive,” the campaign said.

According to documents provided to Patch by the Simmons campaign, Simmons’ Volvo is up to date with tax and Department of Motor Vehicle registration. The car is leased and she pays the tax to the leasing company instead of directly to Stamford, the CT Post reported.

Also according to the documents, Simmons paid tax on July 1, 2020 on a Subaru she previously sold. Simmons’ husband, Art Linares, has a Stamford-registered car, and he’s paid the entry fee but is awaiting a tax bill, the campaign noted.

Linares is also involved in real estate and recently flipped a house next to his, which is rented to a family, Simmons’ campaign said.

Penny D. Jackson