Clinic Assistant, Real Estate Agent Jailed For Using Other People’s IC Numbers To Trade Masks, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Two people were jailed in separate cases on Monday September 27 for buying back face masks using illegally stored IC numbers.

Ang Poh Lay, 47, assistant at Tan & Yik Clinic and Surgery, was sentenced to nine weeks in prison.

She pleaded guilty to cheating and using illegally obtained personal information.

Between March 1 and March 7, she illegally kept the personal data of eight patients in the clinic’s records and used it to redeem the masks.

She chose to use information belonging to patients she assumed to be elderly or already deceased or foreign domestic workers who had already left the country.

The court heard that she had selected patient information from those she believed were already dead, as she had previously used her late mother’s IC number to swap masks.

Ang later admitted that she used the records of a total of 26 patients to swap mask packs.

His home was searched and 20 packs of masks were found. She claimed that she had already used six of the packs.

David Chin Sing Chuin, 59, who was previously a real estate agent at PropNex, was sentenced to one week in prison.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud.

Between March 1 and March 14, he used IC numbers belonging to 11 of his clients to illegally buy back masks.

One of his clients filed a complaint with PropNex on March 22.

When confronted, Chin told his employer at the time that he only used his clients’ IC numbers to redeem mask packs once.

PropNex has terminated Chin and said they do not condone such behavior.

A total of 10 masks were collected from Chin.

One of the customers had requested that his mask be returned to him and Chin then mailed it to him.

Ang and Chin are both on bail and are expected to surrender on Tuesday and Thursday respectively to begin serving their sentences.

Police have previously said they will make every effort to apprehend those who cheat to buy back masks.

Those convicted of cheating can be jailed for up to 10 years and fined.

Penny D. Jackson