DCPS Discusses Possible Referendum on Property Tax Increase – 104.5 WOKV

Jacksonville FL – On Tuesday, Duval Public Schools said they were discussing the possibility of asking voters to pay a $1 million property tax increase to help pay for things like better salaries for teachers and staff and to improve arts and sports programs in schools. At a workshop on Tuesday, Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene told the school board that the number of teaching positions is around 400, leaving those classrooms to be filled by a substitute or administrator or requiring teachers to take on more responsibilities. DCPS says the district ranks 40th out of 69 other districts in the state in average teacher salary and last out of the state’s seven major urban districts.

Dr. Greene also says that under state law, public charter schools would receive a proportional share of the money from any property tax increases based on enrollment.

We are told that the half-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2020 cannot be used for this effort and instead should be used for things like building maintenance, upgrades safety, repairs and renovations. Potential money raised would stay in Duval County and not be sent to the state or federal government.

No final decision has been made and there will be further discussion at the March 1 school board meeting.

Penny D. Jackson