Don’t ignore your 2022 property tax bill | Department of Revenue

Haven’t paid your 2022 property tax by March 31? At this point, your bill is considered “overdue” and is already increasing by 1.5% each month. Things can get worse if you keep ignoring your bill.

Your account will be transferred to a collection agency or law firm, which will limit your access to certain payment arrangement options. Once your account is transferred, you must work directly with the agency to settle your debt.

Homeowners who missed the March 31 deadline must pay their bill in full by December 31 this year or reach a payment agreement. If you don’t, your account will become delinquent on January 1, 2023. The City may put a lien on your property at that time and add legal fees that would increase the amount of your debt. Eventually, you could lose your property in a sheriff’s sale.

Several ways to pay

The best way to pay your property tax is on line at — it’s safe, fast and convenient. In October of this year, the property tax will be available at the Philadelphia Tax Center. Until then, please continue to use our Balance Finder website to check your account and pay your property tax bills.

You can also pay:

Philadelphia Department of Revenue
Box 8409
Philadelphia, PA 19101-8409

Can’t pay?

While it’s always best to pay your property tax bill in full and on time, we understand that some homeowners cannot afford to pay all or part of their bills. If this is your case, do not wait to contact us! We can get you into a payment agreement to help you stay current and protect your property from a sheriff’s sale.

Penny D. Jackson