Estimate your 2023 property tax today | Department of Revenue

The City of Philadelphia recently launched an online calculator to help residents estimate their property tax bills for 2023. The property tax estimator is available at the website. It was launched shortly after the Office of Property Assessment (OPA) released new assessments for more than 580,000 Philadelphia properties.

Preliminary values ​​for 2023 were published online on May 9. Homeowners can expect to receive written notices with their new assessments by September of this year. But why wait when you can easily estimate your bill today? The tool allows you to estimate your tax in two simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Go to,
  2. Enter your address (street name and number) in the “Search on map” box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Make sure you enter your address correctly.

In addition to knowing what your next property tax bill would be, the estimator lets you know whether or not you qualify for the property exemption. If you do, the tool estimates the effect of the current and proposed mayor amounts on your next bill.

Owners with the Homestead Exemption will see a number greater than zero (0) in the “Homestead Exemption” box. Use the drop-down menu to see the effect of Homestead’s current and proposed amounts on your “2023 Tax Estimate” bill.

The Homestead Exemption is available to Philadelphians who own and live in their home. The program works by reducing your annual property tax bill by up to $629. But that amount and tax rate could change if the city council adopts the increase proposed by the mayor.

If you are not currently enrolled in the program but think you qualify, applying is easy. You can apply online or by mail in an application.

Please understand that the new tool only provides estimates, which may not be accurate for property owners who receive property tax abatements or who are currently enrolled in the LOOP (Longtime Owner Occupants Program) or Senior Citizen Tax program. Freeze.

Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional landlords in Philadelphia saw their assessments last change in 2020. The new OPA assessments come with increased property tax relief for Philadelphia homeowners.

Although the legislation is not final, expect to see an expanded exemption for homesteads. Now is the time to sign up for the Senior Tax Freeze program, which helps vulnerable seniors pay their property tax bills. You are not a senior or owner yourself? Please let a neighbor or family member know that we have programs that can help you. Visit our property tax relief web page to learn more.

Penny D. Jackson