(Exclusive) ‘It’s my personal mistake’ M’sian real estate agent apologizes after mocking client’s house budget

It’s an important step when you finally decide to buy a house and make it a home. But, of course, there are many things to consider before settling down with a property that meets all your wants and needs.

Recently, a Malaysian reader reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ to share his story after he encountered a tough time while looking for a property. But it wasn’t the property itself that gave him a hard time, the difficult moment he faced was when a real estate agent made fun of him and his financial situation.

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Looking for a house under RM600k

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Mo (pseudonym) said he contacted an agent from a real estate agency he found online.

“I was looking for a house and came across an agent’s contact number on a website. I told him of my expectations or, better, of my requests, concerning the ideal property that I am looking for.

The agent made a few suggestions, which I mentioned I wasn’t interested in. She pushed it even further, and when I asked her if there was a corner lot in RM600k and below, she asked a comment and a question which I found to be very pejorative,” explained Mo.

“You want to buy a house for RM100 a month?

Mo shared the screenshots of the conversation exclusively with WORLD OF BUZZ and here’s how it went down.

Image Whatsapp 2021 06 23 at 11.47.24 am 3

Picture Whatsapp 2021 06 23 at 11.47.24 1 1

“I called her to clarify why she said such a thing”

According to Mo, he was stunned by her comments, especially “Are you looking for a property around RM100 a month?” and “Say faith with you only.”

“After calling her to clarify why and what made her say such a thing, she continued to laugh and said I’m too funny to say the price is expensive for me.

When I said she shouldn’t have done that and it was definitely not the right thing to do for her as an agent, she continued to laugh and said if I hadn’t afford to buy a house, so don’t look for one,” Mo told WORLD OF BUZZ.

Mo emailed the agency to file a complaint. He received a response from them on June 17 asking for more details. When he provided these details, he heard no more of them.

Image Whatsapp 2021 06 23 AT 12.03.15 H 2

He added, “I don’t think it is a mistake for me to look for a corner plot that is priced no more than RM600,000 because I made my request clear to him from the start.

If she can’t keep up with the request or doesn’t have details of other developments she could have been honest about it or told me she’s not able to provide the service, isn’t it not? »

“I felt so embarrassed, to be honest, and agitated at the same time. I had to block her because I couldn’t afford to let her laugh at me and “harass” me emotionally.

Everyone goes through their own issues and we deal with our dilemma in different ways.

WORLD OF BUZZ contacted the agent

WORLD OF BUZZ reached out to the agent for a statement this afternoon (June 23). Here is his response:

“Because he wants to use RM1,000 (monthly) to buy a corner plot. So, I had to tell him that directly,” she told WORLD OF BUZZ.

“I’m a good real estate agent, but please don’t try to use RM1,000 monthly installment to find a corner lot. But, for an in-between lot, a two-story landed property and a freehold unit is always possible,” she added.

Image Whatsapp 2021 06 23 at 3:49 p.m. 08 1

However, according to Mo, he did not ask her such a thing.

“Even in a kampung area, you can’t get that price, or even for a along lodge. I can’t be so inconsiderate to look for that kind of arrangement, like in RM1,000 for a corner plot,” he explained.

However, when WORLD OF BUZZ asked if the estate agent had proof that Mo had asked a price of RM1,000 for a corner plot, they did not provide proof that such a discussion had ever taken place. .

The real estate market can be a difficult area to navigate, so be wary of who you meet when trying to buy or rent a home.

UPDATE: The agent contacted WORLD OF BUZZ today evening (June 24) to issue a public apology for her actions which she deeply regrets.

Here are his apologies:

Picture Whatsapp 2021 06 24 to 23.08.46

Picture Whatsapp 2021 06 24 to 23.08.24

The agent told WORLD OF BUZZ that she would also like to apologize to the client and hopes to ask for his forgiveness.

Image Whatsapp 2021 06 24 to 23.16.47 h

Image Whatsapp 2021 06 24 at 11.17.06 h

Mo also contacted WORLD OF BUZZ to inform us that the agency apologized to him and agreed that the agent’s actions were unacceptable.

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