Guilford County property tax collection rate ‘phenomenal’

With some county departments, it can be difficult to know if the department is doing its job well.

However, with the Guilford County Tax Department, there is one metric that pretty much says it all: the property tax collection rate.

In a recent budget report from the Guilford County Budget Department to the Board of Commissioners, Deputy Budget Manager Rusty Mau said that over the past two years the rate of collection by the tax department has “phenomenal” summer.

According to Department of Taxation statistics, the property tax collection rate in Guilford County for the 2020-2021 fiscal year was 99.46%. For fiscal year 2021-22, the fiscal year that just ended on June 30, the county had a property tax collection rate of 99.34%.

Guilford County Deputy Director of Taxation Jim Roland said this week that the department is indeed very pleased with collection rates over the past two fiscal years given the pandemic and the financial hardship many people in the county are facing. were confronted.

It was truly phenomenal,” Roland said. “That’s the perfect word for it, given the pandemic and other challenges. It was really crazy.

When asked why payment rates had been so high during the pandemic – when many people lost their jobs – Roland replied: “We asked that question.

He said one thing that has been a real success for collections efforts is a program that heightened the threat of foreclosures about seven years ago. He said that before this program was created – with which Guilford County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Matt Mason played a major role – county lockdown threats rarely had much bite because there were no emphasis on their implementation. Now people know full well that they risk losing their homes if they don’t pay.

Roland also said he feels his department has done a great job working with county landowners to discuss payment plans and working with people in other ways to help see their tax bill is paid. .

He added that federal assistance to individuals and businesses over the past two years has undoubtedly been a big help for collection rates.

“It seems that when people got relief funds, the government was one of the first creditors they paid,” Roland said.

The Department of Taxation consistently has collection rates that are near the top of those for the state. Roland said a state report later in September will show the results of collection efforts across North Carolina for the 2021-22 fiscal year. He said he’s confident that when this comes out, Guilford County will be at least in the top 10% of the state’s 100 counties.

Penny D. Jackson