Hong Kong real estate agent’s towel-clad apartment advert sparks controversy

As Hong Kong’s once-hot housing market sees signs of collapsing, agents are apparently being forced to find ‘new’ ways to promote their properties.

Like acting in commercials lying in a tub with just a towel.

That’s what Sammi Chan, Senior Account Manager at Ricacorp Properties, did to grab the attention of aspiring homeowners and potential investors.

In the ad, which has now been deleted, Chan appears to be dressed in nothing but a pink towel as he sits in the huge bathtub of a unit in the Upper Riverbank apartment building in Kai Tak.

“Don’t worry, I saw this beautiful tub in the master bathroom and thought I wouldn’t do it justice if I didn’t take a bath here,” she said in the announcement.

Chan added that it is rare to find such a bathtub because it is so large that it is usually only found in landed properties.

“You’ve seen enough,” she said, while momentarily covering her chest with one hand before waving the viewer away.

The video has since gone viral on the internet, with many netizens questioning the marketing tactic.

“Is she selling the property or herself?” asked one netizen.

“Poor, owner got so poor after buying the unit that she has no money to buy clothes and has to sleep in the tub,” another user joked.

Netizens also discovered that she was a former singer and a failed candidate for district councilor.

Responding to media inquiries, Ricacorp Properties said the agent had acted as a model for the advertisement, adding that the method was “novel”.

The company also pointed out that she was wearing clothes under the towel and that the video was only released after getting the seller’s approval.

But Ricacorp said it has since taken down the video due to negative comments online and to prevent people from harassing it online.

Penny D. Jackson