How a real estate agent broke his leg on a piece of land -Biz woman – The Sun Nigeria

By Damiete Braide

A Lagos-based businesswoman Adeyinka Igbinoba appealed to the Inspector General of Police, the Human Rights Commission, the Attorney General of the Federation and all other competent agencies for the help obtain justice for the alleged beatings by a real estate agent, Mr. Saheed Mosadoluwa.

Igbinoba, who now walks on crutches, alleged that Mosadoluwa beat her and broke her leg at her office premises in Victoria Garden City, in the Victoria Island region of the state. from Lagos.

She told the Daily Sun in her office in Lagos that in mid-2021, two of her siblings were defrauded of N30 million by the agent. She explained that they had to buy a plot of land, which later turned out to be a scam.

But Mosadoluwa, who spoke to the reporter on the phone, called the allegations false and an attempt to tarnish his image. He challenged his accuser to provide any evidence that he brutalized her or how he defrauded her.

However, he agreed that Igbinoba’s relatives had purchased land, but were unable to make payment as agreed by both parties.

Igbinoba said: “He promised to return the money, which he never did. After several months of waiting, my sisters took the case to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“We involved our parents and they called Mosadoluwa and begged him to return the money. He then set a meeting for November 20, 2021 at his office. My mother called me to accompany them to the meeting at Landbook Properties, Eleganza Complex, across from VGC.

“He had placed thugs around the room and we innocently went to his office and my mother begged him to pay back the 30 million naira.

He said he would listen to us but first we should go to the EFCC and withdraw the case. This led to an argument and he got angry and waved at the thugs who came in and jumped on my brother-in-law. Seeing this, I took out my phone to start recording, being a journalist and media professional.

“When Mosadoluwa saw me, he came after me. He struggled and struggled with me to take my phone, which I resisted. At that time, I walked out of his office to an open area where people could see us. When he saw he couldn’t pick up my phone, he went back to his receptionist’s desk and picked up a wooden sculpture and aimed at my head. I dodged him, but lost my balance as he caught up with me. He kicked me and used the gun to hit my ankle and my bones broke instantly.

“At that time, the thugs were still inside beating my brother-in-law. I started jumping on one leg to run to where my car was parked. My driver took me.

“Knowing his action, he quickly asked my mother for his account details and immediately transferred 15 million naira to her to clear his guilt in front of the innocent old woman.

“The next day, my husband, who had just returned from a business trip, went to the police station in Ajiwe, Ajah, to report the matter and Mosadoluwa was invited.

“When he mentioned Amen Estate, I immediately spoke with the Managing Director, Sade Gbadamos, Redbrick Homes International Limited, developers of Amen Estate. She said she was not happy because we were both her two best friends.

“The next day, she came to visit me in the hospital and told me to drop all charges against her friend, if I wanted to collect the balance of 15 million naira. I was disappointed with her.

“We later found out that Mosadoluwa filed a counter petition against me that it was I who brought thugs into his office. Three months have passed and nothing has been done about the case.

“After waiting several months for Alagbon to conclude his investigation, I have written a petition to the Attorney General of Lagos and the Inspector General of Police respectively.

“My petition reached the IGP and they acted quickly on my petition and ordered the IG Oversight Unit to take action.

“The men from the IG Monitoring unit succeeded in arresting Mosadoluwa and Sade. They were arrested and then released on bail. After Sade was released on bail, she denied me access to my building and property at Amen Estate Phase 2.

“We were then invited to Force Headquarters in Abuja where all parties were present. In the presence of the police, Sade said she needed a video of where Mosadoluwa broke my leg. On this account, Sade was detained in Abuja and later released on bail. But on returning to Lagos, they continued their intimidation, oppression, bullying and threats against my life and that of my family.

“This is a criminal case with compelling evidence. I am amazed that this case has not gone to court. All evidence has been submitted to the IG Oversight Unit for over 10 years. ‘one month now, after the same evidence has been with the CID Alagbon Force for more than four months, and the case has been with the police for almost six months.

“If anything happens to me and any member of my family or staff, Sade and Mosadoluwa should be held accountable as strange and unfamiliar people are now appearing in my place of residence and offices.”

When contacted, Sade dismissed the story and said it was a lie: “I’m amazed that so many so-called professionals have jumped on it without asking for my own version of it. story. All I tried to do was act as a referee between the two parties.

“Mosadoluwa swore to me that he didn’t do it, while Igbinoba said he did it and she has a video of him doing it. So I asked for the video to to be able to confront him. I never got the video. The only video she has is the video of the surgery.

“My role became ‘threat to the life and attempted murder of Adeyinka Igbinoba’. I mean I was shocked when I found out,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mosadoluwa said there was no such thing as fraud in the transaction.

“I don’t know of any; they went to my office to buy land and they negotiated for 120 million naira. They were supposed to deposit 70 million naira but they gave 30 million naira and the office had already paid their agents the commission which is 1.5 million naira and after two weeks they were supposed to pay the balance, they said they didn’t have the money.

“When I arrived at the EFCC office I was told that I had given people a fake C of O and when I looked at the petition I saw that they mentioned one of my properties (land).I called my office to find out the details, which I got from my office.I told EFCC officials that it was a pure transaction and that maybe someone was giving them false information and that these were weighty allegations.

“I told the EFCC to investigate the matter. They told me they had done their investigation and found out that these people didn’t want to buy the land but they wanted their money now.

“They gave me a month to come back. We left their office and their mom a grandma called me that she needed to talk to me and she said the issue shouldn’t have gone to the police or EFCC assuming her kids had explained everything to her and that she had to meet me and speak for me as her son. They came to my office and I even bowed down to their mother.

“I told them if they wanted to solve the problem they had to take the matter out of the EFCC and I would give them their money, she said she worked in the media and I told her that would not change not my position.

“Their mother begged me and prayed for me. I told her to send her account number and I paid 15 million naira into her account and told her that she should tell her children to go and withdraw the case and when they return I pay the balance to his account.

“She was still in my office for about 45 minutes and to my surprise the old woman was called and said mum her boys had broken your daughter’s leg. They said they had the video and the voice note and I now understood that they wanted to tarnish my image. I even went to the hospital to visit her but they prevented me from seeing her.

“They claimed I tried to kill her and she’s a lady that if I see her tomorrow I won’t recognize her. They should bring the video where they claim I broke his leg. I swear on my life and that of my family that I did not break this woman’s leg, that I did not touch her and that I did not defraud them,” Mosadoluwa recounted.

Penny D. Jackson