Join the debate on the future of the residential real estate market in the East Midlands


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At our next networking lunch, we’ll take a look at whether, when it comes to making an investment, real estate is considered a good choice.

This exclusive in-person event will be held on February 10 from 12 noon at Orton’s Brewery in Leicester city center and includes a two-course lunch and a welcome drink. Tickets are now available.

The East Midlands property market has been bullish for the past 18 months with demand skyrocketing thanks to a temporary break from stamp duty and tax incentives. But despite this, the market remains buoyant.

Individual and institutional investors have sought to capitalize on the long-term trend of rising real estate values ​​and identify sectors and locations that may be the next hot spot.

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Real estate investing can offer a huge opportunity. In addition to rental income, the potential increase in the value of the property over time can generate a significant profit at the time of sale.

The combination of rental yields and capital growth also means that investors have both immediate income and the potential for long-term profit.

This exclusive lunch will explore real estate investment opportunities in the East Midlands, the impact of Covid on the real estate sector and why the East Midlands, home to high tech, digital industries, excellent universities and a rush of young professionals , should now be on the radar of any real estate investor.

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Penny D. Jackson