Klarna Review 2022 – Forbes Advisor

You must be at least 18 years old to apply to Klarna. According to Klarna, it runs “strict eligibility checks with every purchase, so [it] lends only to those who can afford to repay.

One important thing to note is that Klarna lending decisions are made on a purchase-by-purchase basis. This means that if you are rejected for a particular purchase, you may be able to be approved by removing certain items from your cart so that you don’t borrow so much money. If you have used Klarna in the past and paid on time, this also helps to increase your chances of approval.

You can have several Klarna loans at the same time, but the more you have, the lower your chances of being approved for a new Klarna loan. Instead, you can increase your chances of approval by paying off any current Klarna loans you have. Additionally, if you link your bank account, Klarna can use it to judge your ability to repay, which could also help improve your chances of approval.

Klarna performs a soft credit check for most of its loans, which does not affect your credit score. However, if you apply for a Klarna financing account (different from a monthly financing account), the company will carry out a thorough credit check which could temporarily reduce your credit score by a few points.

Penny D. Jackson