Latest DCA Property Tax Data Shows Average County Tax Decreased in Burlington County in 2021 – Trentonian

MOUNT HOLLY — Burlington County’s average tax decreased last year and continues to be the lowest in New Jersey, according to the latest property tax information from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

“Our entire board knows how important it is for us to keep a close eye on our county’s finances and to ensure that we are using funds efficiently and optimally,” the commissioner’s director said. of Burlington County, Dan O’Connell. “This property tax data provides substantial evidence that our county is doing just that. We have successfully reduced the county’s tax burden while maintaining our workforce and funding the essential services our residents depend on and need. It hasn’t been easy, but we know affordability is a big reason Burlington County is a place people and businesses want to be here, so we remain committed to making it happen. so be it.

Released this week, DCA data shows the county’s portion of the tax bill for a home valued at the county’s average of $239,398 was $1,023 in 2021, a decrease from the 2020 average of $1,026. $.

Burlington County was one of only three counties where the county’s average tax decreased, and it remained the lowest of any county in New Jersey.

The next lowest was Morris County with an average county tax of $1,282.

Burlington County also had the lowest average county tax in 2019 and 2020, according to DCA data.

County taxes made up 14.2% of the total tax bill in 2021, down slightly from the 14.4% share in 2020 and 2019. School taxes made up 64.8% of the tax bill and local taxes municipal accounted for 21%.

The average total property tax bill in Burlington County last year, which includes county taxes and all school and municipal taxes, was $7,187, a 1% increase from the average of 7 $116 in 2020.

The 1% increase in Burlington County’s total average tax bill was the third lowest in the state. Only Gloucester (0.76%) and Atlantic (0.87%) saw smaller increases.

In addition to the DCA data, Moody’s Investors Services has repeatedly highlighted Burlington County’s budgeting, cost control and “strong financial management” in reports maintaining the county’s excellent credit rating.

O’Connell said the DCA figures and Moody’s reports reflect the commissioners’ commitment to fiscal responsibility while continuing to expand the assistance residents need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burlington County was one of the first counties in New Jersey to launch a COVID-19 testing program and recently opened two new testing sites to triple testing capacity. The county also held vaccination clinics and provided free groceries, rental and mortgage assistance, and business assistance to those in need.

“Our Board of Directors has much to be proud of. We were able to maintain the county tax line while responding to the pandemic and providing essential services. This is a remarkable achievement and an honor for our CFO, department heads and professionals,” said O’Connell. “We are not declaring victory. Each year brings its share of new and different challenges, but we are happy to learn that our actions have had tangible results and have contributed to reducing the tax burden of our residents.

Penny D. Jackson