Letter: The property tax hike is unacceptable

To my state and local representatives:

I downloaded our property tax notice a few days ago and was shocked to see that my total taxes are more than double what they were last year, an increase of 1,270 $.

I realize that this is largely due to the total increase in assessed value of 59% of our home and partly due to the increased factory levies passed by voters. And I readily admit that I voted for those increases for the local school district, fire protection district, and EMS services. But now it looks like the impact of wild price increases in the housing market has made our property tax bill much worse than what was represented in the voter information shared before the election.

I am very angry and frustrated by this exorbitant increase in one year! My wife and I are retired, so we qualify for the senior exemption, but feel we are now living on a fixed income. Something has to be done to limit the impact on property taxes when assessments rise so dramatically. I hope you will share this with your colleagues and consider this complaint in future actions.


Mr. Les Shankland, Grand Lake

Penny D. Jackson