Liberia: LRA launches pilot project to extend local government property tax in Margibi

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) launched the Local Government Land Tax Administration Expansion Pilot Project in Kakata Town, Margibi County.

The project launched, according to LRA Commissioner General Thomas Doe-Nah, is the start of a “monumental” confidence in the government’s efforts to consolidate the decentralization plan, which continues to stimulate and share development through the government. country.

Commissioner Doe-Nah said the local government property tax expansion pilot project is in line with the government’s domestic resource mobilization strategies that aim to actualize the decentralization of property tax administration to local communities, by starting with Margibi County.

“I am delighted and the people of Margibi and Liberia in general should be excited by the efforts which mark a monumental trust in the government to solidify the decentralization plan which continues to stimulate and share development.

The LRA boss also equates the taxes with “blood” running through the country to show that it is functioning well.

“Imagining your body without blood and anyone without blood will tell you how weak they are and need blood to survive. Doctors will ask you to obtain other people’s blood and certain foods to gain strength, ie. This is how taxes look, “he said. .

He said the project complies with the Local Government Law of 2018.

He stressed that “a few months ago, we also had the opportunity, together with the Minister of Finance and Development Planning and the Minister of Interior and other officials, to join the President during the meeting. his tour of the county where we took part in various meetings and listened to endless requests for various infrastructure and socio-economic interventions from citizens across the country. And it was clear from the citizens that they had great needs for clinics, schools, jobs, facilities for young people and women ”.

However, he explained that the citizens’ demands are all real needs, adding that this is the development that the country needs.

“This is development that the country needs, but how do we solve these development problems and where the money will come from is the problem. Let me tell you, it comes from taxes. I will keep singing this song. all day on taxes so that we all know that taxes are the solution, ”added Commissioner General Doe-Nah.

He went on to appreciate President George M. Weah for his development mindset and the level of support he continues to give.

He thanked the Home Office, the Margibi County Legislative Group and the African Development Bank for the level of support provided to the project.

For his part, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., who officially launched the pilot project, called it a program focused on a landmark initiative to increase revenue collection and to accelerate the development of Liberia.

It can be recalled that 50 percent of the income will be donated to the residents of Margibi County for the County Development Initiative, which will improve the lives of the citizens.

The Local Government Land Tax Administration Expansion Pilot Project is supported by the African Development Bank and the Government of Liberia.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Commissioner General of the LRA, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, the Minister of the Interior, the head of the African Development Bank, the Land Authority of Liberia, from the Governance Commission, LISGIS, Margibi Legislative Caucus as well as deputy and deputy commissioners and managers of the LRA, the Margibi County Superintendent and local officials, tax officers and other county citizens by Margibi.

Penny D. Jackson