London real estate agent: Asian buyers lose “billions” by buying new builds off plan

Woodleigh-Smith believes the case for buying heritage and period properties, as opposed to new construction off plan, could not be clearer.

“First and foremost is the scarcity value, the simple economics of supply and demand. New construction can have 800 units – with 700 more built next to you – so when you want to sell or re-let, you will be down against 20-30 almost identical units in the program, drastically lowering the prices. The reasons for buying new builds just don’t outweigh the fact that they won’t retain their value, in view of a considerable oversupply. “

AWS Prime, founded in 2008, is a real estate buying company based in Knightsbridge, London. The team of specialists is looking for exceptional real estate for private clients, often outside the free market, in London. This month, the brokerage will launch its services in Asia.

“The reasons to buy new construction just don’t outweigh the fact that they won’t retain their value, given a significant oversupply. “- Alex Woodleigh Smith

Realizing that foreign investors were behind when trying to buy luxury properties in London, the company can advise buyers based in Asia on the best acquisition opportunities in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC).

Widely between Chelsea and the Thames to Notting Hill, RBKC is a slice of South West and Central London with distinctive heritage properties – but also the most livable areas where properties are also guaranteed to keep and grow. in value, AWS Prime said.

Penny D. Jackson