Miami-Dade Commissioners Approve 1% Property Tax Cut – NBC 6 South Florida

In a 9-4 vote, Miami-Dade County commissioners voted in favor of a 1% reduction in the mileage rate Tuesday night.

The tax cut was passed as a stand-alone item in Mayor Daniella Levine Cava’s proposed budget. The mayor’s budget will be voted on as a whole in September.

“I’m very grateful to the commission, they heard the message,” Levine Cava said. “They know that people are really suffering and that we need to provide targeted help. The 1% tax mile reduction is significant. This shows an impact of $25 million.

From 2020 to 2021, property values ​​have increased by approximately 10% in South Florida and in Miami-Dade County, the assessed value of properties has increased by $34 billion.

The county is expected to earn an additional $154 million, so there is pressure to give homeowners more tax relief.

“We know people are going to get some relief from the amount they got last year. The question is how much? It is currently at 1%. It could go higher,” said Commission Vice-President Oliver Gilbert III.

Commissioner Raquel Regalado offered a 2% reduction in the mileage rate on Tuesday night, but it was defeated in a 5-8 count.

President Jose ‘Pepe’ Diaz and Commissioner Rebeca Sosa were among five commissioners to vote in favor of Regalado’s motion.

“We took a democratic vote, and ultimately my colleagues are one with keeping the 1% for now,” Diaz said.

Miami-Dade commissioners have approved a 1% mileage rate reduction for owners in the county. NBC 6’s Ryan Nelson reports

“I prefer the 2% because the 1% does not represent any tax reduction for residents of Miami-Dade County. We need to do more,” Sosa said. “The valuation of homes today is so high that they are going to pay a lot more taxes than they did last year.”

The commission can vote to increase the size of the tax cut later.

But Levine Cava says if the commission were to vote on whether to cut the tax cut, it would trigger a long, complicated and costly process.

“So if they had gone for a bigger tax cut right now, they couldn’t reverse that, unless they sent another notice to all the landlords, landlords, which would be extremely expensive and time-consuming and not a process that we recommend,” said Levine Cava. “So that preserves their options. We just gave them the budget on Friday. This was the date the budget was due. with us, and then they can make the final decision.

Penny D. Jackson