Nigerian-born top real estate agent Yemi Edun is on British Power 2022 list | The Guardian Nigeria News

Nigeria-born, UK-based, leading real estate agent and Managing Director and Founder of Daniel Ford International, Yemi Edun is in the news again for all the right reasons.

The world’s greatest real estate maestro, who recently turned 50, who was elegantly marked with pomp and panache among his inner cycle, friends and family aboard the Silver Surgeon Boat on October 10 in London , added another feather to his shimmering cap after being named in the 2022 Powerlist.

The Powerlist ranks the UK’s most influential black people. The list, which is voted on by a panel of independent judges, seeks to present black role models to young people. It’s an award that has seen figures like Anthony Joshua, Chi-Chi Nwanoku, Idris Elba, Stormzy, and Raheem Sterling on the roster in previous years.

Launched in 2007, it honors blacks from a variety of sectors including technology, business, sports, science, and the arts.

Speaking after being listed among the winners, Yemi Edun said he was honored to be on the 2022 Powerlist. This is the second time the Nigerian has been featured on the Powerlist.

“I am honored and honored to be included for the second year in a row in the 2022 Powerlist and recognized this time not only for my work in the real estate industry but also for charity,” he said.

“The pandemic has caused a deep introspection in all of our hearts and has caused us to change the way we approach life, and we were delighted to contribute to that with our small quota. All of the men and women on the list this year are truly inspiring and I feel blessed to be nominated alongside them again, ”added Yemi Edun.

Topping the Powerlist for 2022 is Jacky Wright, corporate vice president and chief digital officer for Microsoft US. Born in Tottenham, Jacky also worked for BP and General Electric.

Manchester United and England striker Michael Rashford came in second, followed by Anne Mensah, vice-president of Content UK, Netflix.

Penny D. Jackson