Over $ 50 Million in New Nebraska Property Tax Credit Goes Unclaimed | Government-and-politics

But Ryan Burger of Seward, president of the Nebraska Society of CPAs, said he was skeptical of the $ 548 million paid to property taxpayers, based on his experience and the amount of credits that were not used. This year.

He said the 58% of credits claimed this year were more than he expected, based on typical income tax credit patterns. Even with the larger amount available next year, he predicted the state would be a long way from handing out 100% or even 90% of the money.

“It is an unattainable goal,” he said. “I barely see a path to reach 70%. “

Burger and Curry pointed out several reasons people did not claim the credit. Many did not know this, especially if they were preparing their own taxes. Some electronic tax filing applications did not include the optional credit, at least at the start of tax season. Even if they learned the credit later, they might not have wanted to spend the time and effort to file an amended return.

Additionally, homeowners who live out of state were unaware of the credit or do not file Nebraska income taxes. Other homeowners have decided not to apply for the credit because of the additional cost for a tax preparer to calculate the credit.

“In some cases, it didn’t make sense to pay $ 50 for a $ 28 credit,” Burger said.

Penny D. Jackson