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Spain is a historic continent of stone fortresses, mountains, massive monuments and cultural capitals, which have earned it its reputation as a travel destination. The country is diverse in terms of geography and culture. Its center is the Meseta, a large central plateau located 800 meters above sea level.

Year after year, Spain attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. We are talking about visitors who wish to stay for a few weeks, as well as those who wish to settle down and establish a new life in a new nation. Then, of course, there’s the question of how I’m going to do it legally.

In Spain, what is a Golden Visa?

This visa allows you and your loved ones, as long as they meet the working age requirements, to legally live and work in Spain (and bring your family) without having to visit the country further. once a year. In addition, this visa allows you to travel freely inside the Schengen area, and if you come to Spain, we can apply for your residence permit on your behalf, which you will obtain during your stay in Spain.

This type of permit is intended for all people outside the European Union who wish to settle and live in Spain and make a major investment in the country.

Spain Golden Visa Rewards

Spain is part of the European Union, which means that Spaniards, as well as families, can travel visa-free to all countries in the Schengen zone for up to 3 months in a six-month period. Spanish visa in 2022 . Other elements are as well:

  • You don’t have to live in Spain to extend your resident visa, but you can if you wish.
  • You can legally work and stay in Spain.
  • In addition, you are welcome to bring your family members.
  • You and your family will have access to public services such as hospitals and education.

How come I can apply for a Golden Visa for Spain?

Whether or not you have made any of the accompanying speculations, you can get a visa to the international paradise of the nearest Spanish country. It is not entirely enough to take responsibility at the time of application, yet consumption does not have to be satisfied.

Documents are required for something like entry for a golden passport to Spain

Mandatory reports when registering for a Spanish Golden Visa:

  • Visa application for Spain
  • Two visa size photographs, make sure they match the photography templates for a Spanish ID.
  • Make sure your visa is sufficient for the time you need to spend in Spain and has something like two clear pages. You may also request a copy of your visa data page.
  • Your residence grant if you are not a resident of the country where you reside.
  • Records show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while living in Spain.
  • Police reports show that you have never been convicted of any wrongdoing. They must be given within 90 days of the accommodation of the request.
  • Verification of medical coverage (private or public) with a protection company based in Spain.
  • Verification of installments for the cost of the visa.
  • Other documents are interesting for your case (venture or land exchange), as indicated below.

What is the duration of the Golden Visa for Spain?

The Golden Visa that will be given to you at the Embassy will be substantial for one year. During this year, you must enter Spain and exchange your visa for a two-year host scholarship.

No matter how long you speculate, the home grant can always be extended with virtually no residence restrictions. Every time you want to top up your license at home, you have to go to Spain.

If you intend to stay in Spain forever, you can apply for extremely durable residency after five years of non-stop residency (no less than six months per year).

Is it possible to obtain residency in Spain if I buy a house?

Yes, thanks to the golden visa system, you can obtain residency in Spain after buying a house.

Since 2013, non-EU residents buying a house in Spain can acquire a two-year residence permit (which can be renewed) if they spend at least €500,000 on the property.

There are a few key points to remember about this treatment.

Is a loan required to apply for a golden visa for Spain?

No, you cannot make a difference for a Golden Visa in Spain assuming the assets were acquired through credit. The initial investment must be made entirely from your own finances and you must be the sole owner of the investment.

If you’re buying a house for more than $500,000, you can use loans and finance to cover the difference.

Is it better to buy or rent a house in Spain?

The Spanish property market is full of peculiarities, so do your homework before buying. Real estate scams, hefty capital gains taxes and market fluctuations are all things to keep in mind when buying Spanish property.

COVID-19 has contributed to the uncertainty, making now a potentially dangerous time to buy in Spain. The country’s rental market is also in turmoil.

Before the outbreak, regional governments were considering putting in place tougher controls for vacation rental owners, after soaring rents in major tourist areas.

Each of Spain’s 17 regions has the power to impose regulations on foreign buyers acquiring homes for rent. The most stringent requirements apply to the Balearic Islands, where only Spanish citizens can apply for rental purchase permits, and Madrid, where the new measures include allowing only five-day visits.

If you’re planning a short stay in Spain, renting may be a better alternative given the country’s high capital gains tax, which can outweigh the benefits of short-term ownership.

Property prices in the Spanish property market

Since the full impact of COVID-19 on Spanish property prices is still unknown, it can only present an overview of what is happening in the market.

The Global Property Guide’s pre-pandemic survey revealed average property spending per square meter for 14 of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions.

According to statistics, average real estate prices in major cities increased by 5% to €1,649 per square meter in the 3rd quarter of 2019, while real estate in the Balearics and the islands increased by 11% of the total to reach €1,604 per square meter.

Buying a house in Spain is a complicated procedure

  • Visit and make an offer on a house in Spain
  • Use the administrations of a legal adviser or a court officer
  • Setting up a survey
  • Translators for the acquisition of your Spanish home

The Tangles of Buying Property in Spain

Some of the normal entanglements of buying property in Spain include the store, purchase costs, issues with off-plan properties and illegally built properties.

During your review of buying a property in Spain you will have gone through many accounts of purchases in Spain that have gone wrong. The way to make an effective acquisition of property in Spain is to take the early exhortation of a decent quality free Spanish solicitor.

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