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Property taxes are one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with the ownership of tangible assets. Homeowners often don’t know what items or costs are taxable, what items are assessed, or how their property is valued. Answering these and other related questions often produces recurring property tax savings for landlords and tenants.

We help our clients identify tax savings opportunities by reviewing their portfolio of tangible assets and associated property tax assessments and liabilities. Through our diligence, we generate millions of dollars in property tax savings for our clients around the world.

Property Tax Advisory Services

Kroll has been successful in value negotiation and appeals resulting in appropriate and consistent fair market values ​​and associated responsibilities for the clients we have represented in the most efficient, collaborative and high quality manner. Our services include:

  • Property and personal tax appeal preparation
  • Property Tax Audit Assistance Services
  • Property tax advisory and assistance services in the form of equalization and obsolescence studies, cost of capital analyses, property valuation and classification for real estate transfer tax planning
Property Tax Compliance and Co-Procurement Services

The Kroll Property Tax Compliance team has a proven track record over many years of ensuring the timely and accurate submission of returns and payment of tax debts due for the portfolios we have represented. Our services include:

  • Categorizing Capital Asset Review and Identifying Exempt Items
  • Preparation, filing and monitoring of personal property tax returns for locally and centrally assessed properties
  • Real estate compliance filings
  • Property and Personal Tax Assessment Review
  • Review and verify the accuracy of property and personal tax bills
Property tax exemption and abatement services

Kroll ensures that all statutory property tax exemptions and abatements are maximized in the value negotiation cycle. Our services include:

  • Anti-pollution analyzes for property tax exemption and special taxation
  • Alternative Energy Exemption Certification Efforts
  • Freeport Exemption Efforts
Property Tax Due Diligence Services

Kroll has successfully analyzed potential property tax considerations for greenfield and operating projects to ensure that transaction prices realistically incorporate future operating costs associated with tax. Our services include:

  • Determine the impact the potential sale price may have on future property tax payable
  • Use current relationships with evaluators to determine project valuation
  • Address property tax abatement opportunities available to the project
Property Tax Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

Kroll provides property tax expert witness and litigation support services that are unrivaled in the professional services industry due to our extensive work with many industries and asset types. Our services include:

  • Counter-testimony / preparation of the lawyer
  • Work with legal counsel on case preparation
  • Expert Witness/Testimonial Services

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