Real estate agent apologizes for insulting e-haling and p-haling jobs, plans to experience the work for himself

GEORGE TOWN: A real estate agent, under fire for insulting email drivers and food delivery people in a recent Facebook live stream, has apologized for his actions and now says he’s even going to ‘try out food delivery.

“I sincerely apologize for my fault. There is a lot of talk about the incident and me on social media.

“I hope the public can forgive me,” Penang-based agent Paul Lim (pictured) said during a press conference at a hotel here on Friday (November 12)

He said his company had suspended him indefinitely from all the jobs he worked on.

The Penangite, 28, said it was never intended for the live broadcast to make fun of anyone as it was only meant to sell land to Balik Pulau.

He said the woman who was with him in the video was actually a client and that he had no other relationship with her.

“I had no intention of angering the public,” he said, adding that his statements had nothing to do with his company, colleagues or members of his family.

The woman, a certain Maggie Fong, also allegedly belittled email drivers and food delivery people during the live broadcast.

Fong has since apologized for the incident in an interview with a Chinese-language news portal.

Wiping away tears, Lim said he decided to become a food delivery boy to experience the job for himself and to show the sincerity of his apology.

“Once again, I want to apologize to all the email drivers, food delivery people, fishmongers and hawkers.

“I will respect everyone’s profession,” he said, adding that he wanted to learn how to be a better person before returning to work.

Lim’s live video on November 7 pissed off Malaysians.

In the video, Fong, an “entrepreneurship educator,” was heard asking in Mandarin how wealthy those ordering take-out were while Lim burst into laughter.

Fong was also heard to say that she doesn’t denigrate these jobs and suggested that there are better ways to make money.

Malaysian Institute of Real Estate Agents (MIEA) Managing Director K. Soma Sundram said the real estate fraternity was disturbed and annoyed by the statements in the video.

“We wish to state that Lim’s remarks are his and we do not agree with or support them,” he said in a statement on Thursday (November 11th).

He added that MIEA regretted what had happened and that Lim’s statements did not reflect the respect that real estate professionals have for e-hailing drivers and food delivery people.

“Without them our lives will be turned upside down,” he added.

Penny D. Jackson