Sold: Real estate agent hums as he presents the Hougang apartment in the parody of Marry Me Today, Singapore News

Not only did a local real estate agent make a sale, but he also captured the hearts of internet users – all thanks to his creative parody of the hit Mandopop Marry Me Today.

Playing the role of a groom, with a suit and a bouquet of flowers, the 36-year-old presented a four-room apartment in Hougang Capeview in a YouTube video on Sunday (January 17). It was not so much the apartment that caught the attention of internet users, but Rechard Tan’s parody of the popular duo originally sung by David Tao and Jolin Tsai.

In the video, Tan performs for the camera as he hums about the apartment’s features:

Hougang four rooms HDB

Recently reached MOP

Located in block 477C

Confirm the chop you see you will be happy

And did we mention it has bars?

Rewriting the rap of the song to emphasize the ideal location of the apartment, he continues:

Complete and abundant nearby amenities

Have a food court, fried chicken, bakery, NTUC

One internet user commented, “This is the most creative marketing video I have seen and it totally captured my attention. Well done !

Another said: “Super creative and well written! Especially the rap part, totally took my breath away! “

Speaking to Lianhe Wanbao, Tan explained that he spent one to two days conceptualizing the video and about half a day filming it with his real estate agency’s video team.

The passion project cost him nearly $ 1,000 out of pocket, he added.

As for the apartment, its online ad drew two bids in one day, before the video even aired, Tan told the Chinese evening daily, adding that it ultimately sold for $ 560,000.

The flood of positive comments left him surprised and delighted, he said, revealing that he has been interested in rewriting song lyrics since grade 5.

“Writing new lyrics and making videos for the properties helps me realize the concepts I had before. I’m very happy to share the finished product with everyone.”

He has worked on a total of six songs for various properties. However, some of the properties were sold before he could even finish speaking, he said.

If you’ve enjoyed his take on Marry Me Today, you might want to check out his version of Jay Chou’s Dao Xiang, or Scented Rice, which he uploaded last April to showcase a one-bedroom apartment in Upper Thomson Road. .

Penny D. Jackson