The first New World property tax reduction only applies for the first week

Owning a home in the New World takes time and effort and now, after all, players are left with more than they bargained for, with no explanation to come up with.

Housing in New World offers players the opportunity to own land and residence within a territory. Owning a house in a territory makes that player a resident of the territory and a member of the faction controlling the territory, under the direction of the governor and local consuls. Houses can be decorated with items crafted using the Furnishings skill and can grant players passive bonuses through the placement of trophies. The storage of the house can also be extended thanks to the furnishings.

Players must achieve at least level 10 in the Territory in which they wish to reside in order to acquire housing. This is accomplished by participating in city projects, crafting items in settlements inside the territory, killing creatures, and participating in faction missions. A player may be able to acquire more than one house in a colony with a higher territory rank. The maximum number of houses a player can own in the world is three.

After completing all of this, players can buy their first house. The first purchase of property in the New World offers a 50% price reduction, and the first tac payment, which is paid weekly, is also halved. However, in the contracts he doesn’t say that the tax is only halved the first week, and players find themselves unable to pay it.

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Buying property in the New World is too close to the real world

The contract indicates the amount the player will pay divided by two, without mentioning its duration or mentioning the actual amount that will follow.

If taxes are not paid, players lose access to any bonuses the house gives you. Fortunately, there are no back taxes in the New World. This means that even if you haven’t paid taxes for a while, once you pay them you have access to everything the house has to offer, until your next payment.

Penny D. Jackson