The Ten Cities With The Lowest Property Taxes In NJ

Recently, I shared with you the property taxes of the people who breathe the rare air, the 10 highest property tax cities in the Garden State. Most of us will never be able to afford to live in these hamlets.

The average New Jersey property tax bill is an unacceptably high $9,284. It remains the highest in the country. As the highest list shows, there is a wide disparity between cities in New Jersey, with the highest paying more than double the average. So what about the bottom?

Lower property taxes exist in New Jersey, but at what cost? Even the lowest property taxes here where you might be dealing with less secure neighbors and fewer services (but not always) are still generally higher than nicer places in other states.

Example: Here is a 3-bedroom house in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

I chose this city because my brother lived there and I know it as a beautiful and friendly place. The house is absolutely beautiful. Zillow estimates the value at half a million dollars and the most recent property tax? Only $2,206.

Compare that to these New Jersey cities with the 10 lowest average property taxes.

10 — Salem

A small town in Salem County that has lost population over the years and where more than a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line has the 10th-lowest average property tax in the state, and it is $3,331.

9 —Downe

Never heard of it? Probably because the population is less than 1,600 for this town in Cumberland County. The average property tax is $3,323.

8 —Denis

People here pay an average of $3,253 a year in this Cape May County town that was voted New Jersey Monthly’s 20th best place to live in 2008. Pleasant!

7 – Washington Township, Burlington County

This city’s property tax average in 2021 was $3,062, placing it the lowest in Burlington County and 7th lowest in the state. I still can’t figure out how many other towns in New Jersey share the same name. It’s like how George Foreman named his children.

6 — Commercial municipality

It’s a small town in Cumberland County. $2,754 is their average property tax bill. But their per capita income is only $14,663. And their school district is in the lowest-ranked socioeconomic group by the state.

5 — Audubon Park

This small town in Camden County has an average property tax of $2,695.

4 — Teterboro

If you don’t live near Bergen County, you’re probably only thinking about the airport. People live here, but less than 100. The city is just over a square mile in size and most of the land in the city is taken up by Teterboro Airport. The result? An average property tax of $2,214.

3 — Lower Alloways Creek

There was a first here last year for the NJ Wind Port site. This is also where the Salem Nuclear Generating Station is located. The result? Average property tax of $2,152 last year.

2 — Borough of Woodbine

The lowest property tax in all of Cape May County and the second lowest in all of New Jersey is here, and it is $2,059. But the median household income here is just $30,298 and almost 20% of the population lives below the poverty line.


The lowest average property tax in the state belongs to Camden at $1,917. Sure, there have been 23 homicides in the city of 71,000, but crime has dropped 48% since 2013.

Just as Tavistock was in a category of its own on the highest property tax list, so is Walpack on this lowest list. There are only nine residents and the town sort of ceased to exist after a federal dam project in the 1950s, but if you count it, the average property tax is $515.

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