Top real estate agent joins the boutique agency | Weekly farm

ONE of Australia’s top rural real estate agents, Danny Thomas, has joined the boutique real estate agency and consultancy firm, LAWD (Land, Agriculture, Water, Development).

LAWD started in July of last year, with John McKillop as initial shareholder and now executive chairman, who has extensive agribusiness experience.

He is also the independent chairman of the Red Meat Advisory Council.

Previously, Mr. McKillop was President of CBRE’s Agribusiness Division, where he worked closely with Mr. Thomas.

Shortly after LAWD was formed, another rural real estate heavyweight, Col Medway, joined us as Senior Director.

He is also a former CBRE agribusiness manager and worked with Mr. Thomas.

Danny Thomas, Senior Director of LAWD.

In less than a year since the inception of the company, LAWD has recruited a few other real estate heavyweights to join its team, including Peter Sagar as Senior Director and Tim Corcoran, Ian Robertson and Paul Callanan as Directors. , all of which have a solid reputation in the Eastern States.

Mr Thomas surprised the industry late last year when he left CBRE, stepping down as chief agribusiness.

Between leaving CBRE and joining LAWD, Mr. Thomas focused on his own agribusiness, Ulupna Pastoral Co, which includes a partnership with Western Australia’s leading agribusiness John Nicoletti.

At the time of his resignation, media reported that LAWD had contacted Mr. Thomas but declined.

“I left CBRE, took some time off, and then my former colleagues convinced me to join LAWD,” said Thomas.

“At CBRE I spent almost 10 years there and I didn’t want to be the boss anymore and wanted to focus on my farming interests which I am still very committed to and appreciate.

“Now I work with some of my old colleagues a bit, so it’s the best of both worlds.”

He said he liked being in a leadership role less and being “just a worker now”.

Since leaving CBRE, Mr. Thomas has taken on the marketing campaign for two leading rural offerings – the Lawson Grains portfolio estimated to be worth $ 500-600 million and the North Star Pastoral listings. valued at over $ 150 million.

LAWD does not yet have agents based in WA, but Mr McKillop has confirmed that the company aims to grow nationwide.

“We plan to have a presence in all states by the end of the calendar year if we can find the right people,” McKillop said.

“We hire based on culture first.

“We don’t aim to be the biggest company (in rural real estate), but we want to be able to provide a more agile service focused on the wider segment of the market, which we understand very well.”

Penny D. Jackson