Vulnerable home penalized for late property tax payment

Representative Matthew Cartwright has a history of tax delinquency

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D., Pa.)/Getty Images

Alana Goodman • August 4, 2022 12:00 PM

Rep. Matthew Cartwright (D., Pa.) was hit with tax penalties for late condo payments in 2021, just three years after facing intense media scrutiny for repeated tax crimes.

Cartwright owed $436.63 in penalties and interest last year, stemming from late property tax payments on his Washington, DC condo, which he shares with his wife, DC Office of Tax and Revenue records show. examined by the Free Washington Beacon.

The news could be a problem for the congressman, who is locked in a competitive race against Republican challenger Jim Bognet. Cartwright declined on Tuesday to say whether he supports a Democratic-backed inflation bill that would raise taxes for middle-income earners, according to Fox News..

Cartwright did not respond to a request for comment from Free beacon.

Cartwright’s late taxes have fueled political attacks in his past campaigns. In 2018, Cartwright’s opponent ran an ad that criticized the congressman for supporting tax hikes “while refusing to pay taxes on his luxury condo in Washington.”

At the time, Cartwright defended his years of late payment as an “oversight.” He racked up $3,700 in penalties and interest related to unpaid bills between 2013 and 2018, according to The Associated Press..

Cartwright in 2015 received a notice from the city threatening to put the condo up for sale if the delinquency was not solved, the AP reported.

“It’s a very busy job that I have and I work very hard at it,” Cartwright told the outlet, noting that he ultimately paid the taxes and penalties in each of those cases.

Cartwright’s race is one of two house elections in Pennsylvania this year that could determine party control in the lower house.

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